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wow ok uhm hi :)

I can't believe it's been a year since I last logged on here!

How are you all? Is the icon community still as active as it used to be? :)
I really miss you guys!

(I might post some icons soon, because I still make them! I kind of switched fandoms though; from TV to Broadway :D)
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hey everyone

first of all i hope you're all doing fine! :)

secondly, i am really, really sorry for neglecting this website almost completely. sometimes i go here but i dont even check my flist anymore. i still freaking love icons but i just don't feel like making them anymore. or at aleast not the amout i used to make. which is so sad because i used to love making icons so freaking much...

anyways: if you want to stay in contact with me: i am on tumblr 24/7. and there i also still make graphics every now and then :) if you decide to follow me there, maybe just leave a quick ask telling me who you are, just to make sure i'll follow you back! my url is:


take care, i miss you all, you cuties :3

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friends only

Parts of my journal (entries about life, etc.) are private, entries about fandoms will be public.
If you want to be friends with me just comment and
tell me who you are and I will probably add you to my f-list :)
PS: No, I am not cruel, I just like the gif and don't have a fo banner right now:D

If you're looking for graphics, they are here ► paytheboy.
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well that last one was a fail

coming back on here since my last post and looking at the icons you all make and my old ones i really want to pick up making icons again i just don't have any motivation to do so (same goes for tumblr graphics at the moment.. they all turn out b/w) but i know i will come back, i just needed a pause after 3 years of iconning, i guess..
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i feel so bad about not spending time on LJ anymore. this used to be my second home and in the past 3 weeks i had no desire to be here, even though iconning was and is still an important thing to me .. :(
i hope this will pass and i will want to come back, because i want to, but i dont feel like it :/
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to do ask the maker or not to do ask the maker, that is the question.

idk what to do.
i am bad at making tutorials and i forget about them and i dont have most of my psds saved i think

would anyone be interested?